Hi!  I have a variety of things to talk about this post.  FIRST, segueing to my last post,

I mentioned about a year ago that I had submitted a review for a book entitled Black Woman Reformer: Ida B. Wells, Lynching, and Transatlantic Activism by Sarah L. Silkey, to The Journal of African-American History (JAAH),  an organ of  the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History.  The review was published in the 103 Volume, Number 1/2, Winter/Spring 2018 journal. I will be publishing an excerpt from this book review in a later blog.

SECOND – My short story Who Would Kill My Mother has received its second rejection.  I told you about the first.  The Sun magazine, Chapel Hill, North Carolina in its letter said I should keep writing, but the story was not right for their magazine.  Looks like I haven’t got this audience thing down, yet.

THIRD – I read constantly, online, purchased books and magazines offline, my Nook, and my Kindle.  I am currently reading a library book, chosen for me by our community library.  They thought I would like it.  It fits the books I’ve borrowed.  Six Four is a 566 page novel by Hideo Yokoyama. Yokoyama is an acclaimed Japanese fiction writer with six novels including Six Four.

FOURTH – Prairie Lights Books, Iowa City, Iowa is the latest distributor for my children’s book A Birthday Story.  We, (Elliott Monds and I) visited Iowa City this past week.  My first visit to the city.  The University of Iowa is located there.  U of I’s Master’s of Fine Arts program in writing (Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop was the first 1936 creative writers degree program in the country (United States). Poet Margaret Walker, For My People, received her MFA from this university.  Thanks Niki Giovanni.


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