Book Review: Nurturing Naasir & His Power to Share by Sedara Burson, Illustrations by Abira Das.

Review by Lana Jean Mitchell

Sedara Burson’s third picture book for children Nurturing Naasira & His Power to Share is eye catching with bold colors inside and cover, and illustrations by Abira Das. Sedara’s books are written for youth from about 3 to 8 years. Nurturing Naasir & His Power to Share is about the importance of remaining true to your “core values.” Little Naasir, the main character, believes in giving and his belief is challenged, one day, when someone he has given to does not give to him, when he is in need. What should Naasir do the next time someone he has shared with does not share with him? His father provides the answer. It is the “Platinum Rule.”

Sedara Burson publishes her book at SedaraBurson LPC, her publishing company. She sales her book on her website, http://www.SedaraBurson Her other books are also available there.


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